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Chronic Illness

A doctor looking at the hair of a patient with Alopecia representing the first approved systemic Alopecia treatment.

FDA Approves First Systemic Alopecia Treatment

MedTruth Editors · June 21, 2022

Although there have been topical treatments available to treat alopecia, Olumiant is the first systemic treatment approved for the autoimmune disorder.

Image of a woman spraying Roundup on plants.

Chronically-Ill Roundup Plaintiff Struggles to Testify

MedTruth Editors · October 1, 2021

A woman who suffers from significant memory loss struggled to answer questions posed by a Monsanto attorney in a Roundup trial.

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How to Be a Chronic Illness Ally

S. Nicole Lane · September 10, 2020

MedTruth talked to five folks living with various chronic illnesses and asked them what makes a good chronic illness ally.

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Illustration of an elderly woman on a winding road to a hospital representing COVID-19 disparities.

Highlighting Race and Chronic Illness As Key COVID-19 Disparities

Akilah Wise · July 6, 2020

COVID-19 deaths are 12 times higher among people with chronic underlying conditions. Though most U.S. adults have a chronic illness, Black, Latino, Native American, low-income and uninsured people are disproportionately affected.

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Image of Hayley Cranberry Small, a chronic illness patient taking immunosuppressants.

Patient Stories: Taking Immunosuppressants During the Coronavirus Pandemic

S. Nicole Lane · March 30, 2020

The public, by now, knows that the elderly and those with serious health issues such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease and heart disease are high risk, but people taking immunosuppressant drugs fall into the high-risk category as well. 

Patient Stories
Person with chronic pain journaling to release emotions and past trauma in order to heal.

Can Chronic Pain Be Relieved by Releasing Difficult Emotions?

S. Nicole Lane · February 27, 2020

Nicole Sachs believes chronic illness can be born inside of the body from unresolved trauma. Here are two stories sharing experiences with Sachs' approach to healing chronic pain.

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Photo from chronic illness documentary Trust Me, I'm Sick showing Ezra Wheeler, an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, reading a book in bed

'Trust Me, I'm Sick,' A Female-Led Documentary Series on Chronic Illness

Annie Simon · January 31, 2020

'Trust Me, I'm Sick,' a short documentary series following the everyday lives of five individuals, works to create an accurate portrayal of people living with chronic illness.

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Man with brain fog covering face with hands, experiencing fatigue and inflammation.

Does Chronic Inflammation Cause Mental Fatigue?

Tess Francke · January 29, 2020

A study on inflammation and fatigue reveals that a specific brain network is affected by inflammation, which could lead to brain fog, a symptom experienced by many autoimmune disease patients.

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Person reading a book about chronic illness.

6 Books and Films for Navigating Life with Chronic Illness 

Tess Francke · January 8, 2020

In addition to a network of support, books and films can help those suffering from a condition cope. These resources are tailored to chronic illness sufferers, as they all highlight particular chronic conditions.

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An Asian woman wearing a beige sweater, holding her stomach because her gut bacteria was affected by her medication, such as metformin, PPIs, SSRIs, antibiotics.

How Everyday Medications Can Affect Gut Health

Benjamin Duong · November 20, 2019

Metformin, PPIs, SSRIs, steroids and antibiotics may affect the bacteria of the gut microbiome, according to a study from the Netherlands presented at UEG Week 2019.

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A photo of a chronic illness patient with flowers on their arms and legs to represent healing in MedTruth's Chronic Illness Defined

Chronic Illness Defined: The Spoon Theory and Social Media

Lauren Delisle · October 24, 2019

Chronic illness affects six in 10 adults living in the United States -- a figure that is only expected to increase in coming years. Despite stigmas that stand in the way of societal treatment and comprehensive care methods, holistic and functional practitioners of medicine are working alongside patient advocates to make the world an easier place to live for those coping with chronic illness. Learn more about the movement to make invisible illnesses visible.

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A photo of woman in pain huddled in the city for Chronicon New York to convey underrecognized Chronic Illness Defined by MedTruth.

Chronic Illness Defined: 3 Autoimmune Diseases and Why They Matter

Annie Simon · October 17, 2019

Chronic illness covers a broad assortment of health conditions, but there are some that never get recognition because of the lack of public dialogue. Today, MedTruth recognizes three underrecognized autoimmune diseases.

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A photo for Chronicon Chronic Illness Convention in New York City discussed by group of women in a field.

Chronicon, First-Ever Chronic Illness Conference, Comes to New York

MedTruth Editors · October 9, 2019

On October 28, medical professionals and social influencers will gather to bring visibility to the topic of chronic illness. As one of the most prevalent health conditions the U.S. population, the event is a long-anticipated one. The first-ever chronic illness event, spearheaded by chronic illness advocated Nitika Chopra, is bound to be illuminating and inclusive for all who will be in attendance.

Photo of a girl in a wheel chair who copes with a chronic illness hugging her partner, learning ways to cope with chronic illness.

Seeing Chronic Illness: Symptoms, Stigmas and Solutions

S. Nicole Lane · June 5, 2019

Approximately 133 million people in the United States suffer from a chronic illness according to a report by the National Health Council. By 2020, that number is estimated to hit 157 million. Unfortunately, these large numbers don't mean chronic illness is largely understood or widely acknowledged.

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